Meet our Published Artists


Patrick Antonelle

Mr. Antonelle is often called “NYC’s Monet” & “the American Renoir”, this world renowned master Pointillist/Impressionist sites collectors (both corporate and private) in a venerable, international, who’s-who of art collectors (Sinatra, Trump, Patek Philippe) unrivaled in both depth and status.

Martin Driscoll

Mr. Driscoll’s paintings reveal an intimate view of rural Irish life and the people who live there. At the heart is Mr. Driscoll’s desire to portray a slice of Irish life he believes will soon disappear.

Joseph Michetti

defined as brilliant, exciting, bold, amazing and fun. Joseph’s brand of Hyper-realism/Photorealism exactingly composes and captures sentimental objects of childhood, every day life, classic film, NYC Streets, vintage automobiles…and brings them (and treasured memories) vividly to life once again.


John E. Wilton

Garden City, NY

I am delighted to share with you the thrill of my dealings with your company and wholeheartedly encourage you to have any prospective buyer call me for a review. To date my experiences in the art world are varied, in the past I utilized other galleries for art purchases, frame jobs and advice, no more. My future investment in art acquisitions will be exclusively through Sunflower. I have so far, purchased and framed 4 major art investments from your company. Your keen eye, matting and framing skills are above reproach. How can I so firmly state this commitment to your company. Each and every time I have guest or entertain in my home the compliments are immediate on the quality of the art, framing and design, as well as the strategic placement and lighting all under your learned tutelage. At the onset I said thrilling because your commitment to satisfaction has dramatically increased my pride of ownership, and that is and what fine art ownership is all about. Your professional caring, patience, and understanding my families needs, make, and have made the experience as rewarding as it could possibly be. Thanks is insufficient, my continued patronage will be your reward, for you deserve it.


Angela C

Stony Brook, NY

Wonderful people..wonderful service. These gallery folks charged us nothing for their “time”. And they gave us plenty! They came to our new home, talked about our personal taste, suggested what art might work in the house, got the art, framed the art, delivered the art, hung the art, took back a piece and replaced it with a piece we liked more, found mirrors for the baths, found an artist to faux a hall, re framed our parents portraits, found a special painting for my son that was impossible to find elsewhere at any price….UNBELIEVABLE service, kindness and helpfulness. Haven’t received this level of dedication in a long long time.


Louis Cavallo

Hauppauge, NY

Would like to thank the kind workers who helped recently move our precious art to our new home, then hung it all with care. With special acknowledgment to Steven who went above and beyond to make my exceptionally fussy wife happy. We appreciate the great caring and advice and patience. You have done yourselves proud!!!


What is an Artist’s Proof?

An Artist’s Proof is a smaller edition of an image that also has a regular edition size. It is usually no more than 10 percent of the regular edition size. It will be consecutively numbered and be accompanied by a certificate of will be your reward, for you deserve it.


What is a Serigraph?

Serigraphy utilizes the silk-screen printing process. For each desired color, a stencil is created indicating where the color will be applied. Then the stencil is adhered to a silk or nylon mesh screen, and paint of that color is forced through the screen on to the paper. This process creates a luxurious, vibrant and often-textured image.


What is a Giclée?

Giclee is a French term meaning “spraying of ink.” Printing directly from information obtained from the original painting, Iris printers spray microscopic drops of color on to a fine art paper or canvas. Displaying the full color spectrum, these artworks have vibrant colors and a velvety texture.


Handling, Stretching and Framing the Giclée on Canvas

Your Giclée on canvas is very delicate and completely intolerant to water and moisture. It should be handled as carefully as you would handle an original watercolor taking special care to avoid any contact with water or mist. Please make certain that your hands are clean, dry and oil-free before touching it. (Perspiration on your hands or fingers will damage the image.) Stretch it firmly keeping your fingers on the border as much as possible. Do not spray or mist the back of the canvas once it has been stretched. As with all fine art reproductions, please hang it in an area that is free from strong light and humidity. Handled properly, your Giclée will provide many years of pleasurable viewing.


What is an Offset Lithograph?

Offset Lithography is the process of taking an original piece of art and separating the colors using a scanner or digital camera which feeds the image directly into a computer. Using this information and utilizing the photo offset printing process the press recreates all the colors in the original artwork. Additional tints or touch plates may be added to produce a print that is an exact match to the original painting.


Will Limited Editions Increase in Value?

Secondary Market is one source for obtaining prints or canvases after the edition is sold out from the publisher. The value and availability are based upon supply and demand. The secondary market can be extremely unpredictable as price is determined by the value of the print to the individual consumer and may differ from one geographic area to another.