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Design, Selection & Craftsmanship Assurance Policy: Sunflower Fine Art is proud to offer our exclusive 30-day guarantee on framing design, a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship, and an open, unlimited exchange policy on all artwork.

Design Assurance: If you are not completely satisfied with the design of your finished custom framed artwork, we will re-craft or redesign your piece in the same price range, within 30 days of the sale for FREE!

Craftsmanship Assurance: If, at any time, your custom framing fails to live up to all expectations- we will repair, re-frame or replace any component of the framing job to your total and complete satisfaction- for FREE!

Selection Assurance: For most people, choosing/investing in artwork for home or office is just not an “everyday” occurrence. We want you to have complete confidence in; our offerings, taste level, de

sign acumen, and most importantly- in your art selections. You’ll never settle for any art you do not truly love – today, tomorrow and forever, not, if we can help it. Your final art selection is never truly final at Sunflower Fine Art. We will happily exchange any of our artwork, at any time, for any reason. PERIOD!

SUNFLOWER’S FINE ART ON APPROVAL Program: Did you ever wish that you could see the art in the room before making a decision? Well, now you can!

7 Seconds. That is the time it takes to decide whether or not you like a piece of art. That connection is what art is all about. You only have to know what you like. Good designers will usually insist that you choose the artwork because they know how personal that decision is.

Choose art with your heart and trust your instincts for art acquisitions that you will enjoy for a lifetime.
Take it home. Try it out. Space, lighting, and surroundings can affect how well a piece of art shows in your home. You may keep it a week (but we bet that you will know immediately).

Choose impulsively but buy deliberately.

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