Corporate Consultation

corpconsultationA first impression CAN make or break a deal. What people initially see, they believe. What’s on your company’s walls will undoubtedly effect important business decisions. The corporate image your portray through art selection (or heaven forbid, lack of art) silently yet powerfully communicates who, and what your company stands for.

The right art encourages confidence in prospective clients, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere conducive for business. And, just as importantly, deftly and professionally declares where your company is going, and therefore, why they should do business with you and not your competitors.

Your art even contributes to internal employee productivity.

It shows all, that you care. Why not ensure that your employees, officers and clients (and prospective clients) see your firm at its absolute best? Sunflower Fine Art can develop a unique, structured art program, in any quantity, to fit any size budget starting at $3500.

From Framed museum posters complete at $125 installed, to major investment paintings valued in the thousands. Each program tailored to meet the needs, objectives, goals and time requirements of your project.

archives60s2Whether it is:

  • A move to a new location
  • Expansion
  • redesigning your existing space
  • refreshing tired old framing and art
  • merger
  • framing and hanging hard earned diplomas and awards
  • or just finally getting something on terrible blank walls…we can help.

Sunflower Fine Art’s Consultants come to you

  • To discuss your needs
  • Analyze your space
  • Bring appropriate art and framing samples
  • Assist in the selection of art and framing
  • Contrast artists and procure artwork
  • Expertly frame your selections
  • Professionally deliver and install your artwork
  • Standby always ready to make changes

Quickly, efficiently and without added cost!

All the support services are included in the regular retail cost of art. You pay what you would as if you walked into our gallery off the street. Nothing more. We can provide these essential free support services to our corporate clients, due to the deep substantial discounts we receive from our artists. We have a long standing; reciprocal working relationship within our artist network. These professional artists appreciate the large quantities of art we buy from them. They sincerely value the opportunity to have their work placed in corporate collections.