Would like to thank the kind workers who helped recently move our precious art to our new home, then hung it all with care. With special acknowledgment to Steven who went above and beyond to make my exceptionally fussy wife happy. We appreciate the great caring and advice and patience. You have done yourselves proud!!!
—April 29, 2010 by Louis Cavallo in Hauppauge, NY

We recently completed the install of artwork that you mounted and framed for us at one of our commercial office buildings. The framing work you did was flawless and the work of your installer equally impressive. He was knowledgeable about which pieces looked good in which locations and appropriate heights, centering, etc. It is clear that you and Steve care about your work, making sure it looks great and is done in a timely manner. In this day and age, it is refreshing to come across people who provide the type and caliber of service you provided. Last but not least, I cant begin to tell you how much my daughter is enjoying the special pink-glitter frame mirror. I’m sure it will be in her room through college!
—Michael Grey Principal Real Estate Investments, April 10 2009

I am delighted to share with you the thrill of my dealings with your company and wholeheartedly encourage you to have any prospective buyer call me for a review. To date my experiences in the art world are varied, in the past I utilized other galleries for art purchases, frame jobs and advice, no more. My future investment in art acquisitions will be exclusively through Sunflower. I have so far, purchased and framed 4 major art investments from your company. Your keen eye, matting and framing skills are above reproach. How can I so firmly state this commitment to your company. Each and every time I have guest or entertain in my home the compliments are immediate on the quality of the art, framing and design, as well as the strategic placement and lighting all under your learned tutelage. At the onset I said thrilling because your commitment to satisfaction has dramatically increased my pride of ownership, and that is and what fine art ownership is all about. Your professional caring, patience, and understanding my families needs, make, and have made the experience as rewarding as it could possibly be. Thanks is insufficient, my continued patronage will be your reward, for you deserve it.
—Regards, John E. Wilton Resident Garden City, NY

Sunflower Fine Art has a very rare ability to be completely responsive to the artist and the collector. Their knowledge is extensive and sensitivity to the intentions and dreams of both the creator and the buyer is exactly what an art gallery should have, yet very seldom does. For the artist Sunflower is a dream. Someone who can understand where the work is going, make suggestions for connecting with the market that are astute and practical and display the art into a form that allows the transfer to be made. After some very unpleasant previous experiences, I find it amazing that Sunflower goes far beyond the contracted work, offering help in preserving and presenting work and in acquiring the materials and tools that allow the artist to sell. They’re extremely generous with time and expertise and a joy to work with. For the collector, Sunflower’s staff listens. Instead of instructing or intimidating the client, they respond, and take obvious pleasure in the buyer’s happiness, while making sure that the work is displayed and hung to the greatest advantage. Sunflower is able to deftly bridge the gap between the artwork and the world with respect and consideration for the people they deal with, a quality that can’t be taught.
—May 21, 2009 Marilyn Green, Marilyn Green Fine Art

Wow, other retailers should take lessons from this service-oriented gallery! These gallery folks charged us nothing for their “time”. And they gave us plenty! They came to our new home, talked about our personal taste, suggested what art might work in the house, got the art, framed the art, delivered the art, hung the art, took back a piece and replaced it with a piece we liked more, found mirrors for the baths, found an artist to faux a hall, re framed our parents portraits, found a special painting for my son that was impossible to find elsewhere at any price….UNBELIEVABLE service, kindness and helpfulness. Haven’t received this level of dedication in a long long time.
—July 11, 2008 by Angela C. in Stony Brook, NY

Charming Gallery! May not have invented the art gallery, but seem to have perfected it! Exceptionally relaxing space to get away from the troubles of everyday life Soothing music accompanies beautiful art as my cares just melt away, it’s like a 15 minute vacation. Have purchased plenty of paintings from the shop so I can re-live the warm setting at home nightly.
—February 09, 2008 by Richard H. in Locust Valley, NY

Reliability, honesty and professionalism What a wonderful, shop. Had a problem with the color of a frame that I selected for my bedroom. This great merchant happily and courteously replaced the frame (no charge) and even re-delivered and re- hung it over my bed. Just sent flowers to the shop-with my thanks- and will always remember what they’ve done to make a senior ever so happy.
—February 01, 2008 by Sylvia Van Brucken in Garden City, NY

Just stopped in...Here from Atlanta visiting family for Christmas. Stopped into this quaint little gallery down the road from our room at the Garden City Hotel and just fell in love. What a find. Magnificent new undiscovered artist’s work at a very, very fair price. Work of this caliber would go for ten times the asking price elsewhere. Strong pieces framed with tasteful classic complimentary frames that I can’t wait to get back home & see in my wall. My dear husband- who doesn’t like anything art- even picked out two small paintings for HIS office. Believe me, that is a statement in itself.
—December 18, 2007 by L. D.Schlauberger in Roswell, GA

The “art” of perfection Gallery allowed us the freedom, selection and flexibility of choosing the perfect image, then customizing it to meet of very specific needs. Painting was delivered, hung and framed by Sunflower’s wonderful staff, and we’re just so so happy! They are now putting together several custom mirrors for us, which we just know will be just as beautiful.
—November 01, 2007 by Angela Mirabella in Manhasset, NY
Beautiful Art Over the years, my wife and I, as avid art collectors, have purchased many works in all price ranges. After all, price does not always correspond to value. We’ve been is hundreds of galleries in our quest for good art, no matter the medium, period or style. You can only imagine our delight to find this Sunflower Art Gallery only a few miles from our home here on Long Island. We’ve stopped in several times over the past few months and have seen a few good pieces, (or should better say) found homes for many of them. They only carry living contemporary artists, yet almost all offered appear to be of better “quality”.
—February 07, 2007 by David T. Lester in Syosset, NY

Great Gallery The most important thing about Sunflower Fine Art is the connection with the client. Wonderful personal service and access to so many artists. Some nice frames to complement the art as well.
—September 25, 2006 by John Ferrara in Milford, CT

Superior Art This Art Gallery is mighty fine. It has art from Patrick Antonelle, Martin Driscoll and many other artists from around the world, a highly recommended gallery for any art collector. Pros: Unique, Well rounded, accommodating.
—04-09-2006 by yash79 at Citysearch

A wide range of phenomenal artwork / tasteful picture framing & art restoration Create a magnificent, inviting home with the help of these savvy, friendly, down-to-earth art and framing pros. Elegant designs that reflect good taste. Several represented artists seem to be, in my opinion, contemporary classics on the rise. First two oil paintings I purchased …
04-08-2006 by Shah P. at Citysearch

Wonderful people..wonderful service…I happened into Sunflower a couple of weeks ago..what a lovely gallery. The selection of art was beautiful. The staff was so welcoming – they offered me a cup of cider, gave me a tour of the gallery and taught me about the artists I …
—04-04-2006 by giannav at Citysearch

Great Find! This shop looks Madison Ave. but the staff treats me like family. Just great art. Pros: great gallery selection, fast framing, free deliver
—03-26-2006 by nurserachet at Citysearch

“The best decision I ever made! The discerning collectors only choice! Most pleased with framing as well.”
—SU from Garden City, NY

“Friendly folks go beyond the ordinary “mall art” routine.
Powerful art, with real pieces in even my meager budget range. Took a simple (but nice) poster and framed it with triple mat, thick ornate frame and you’ll swear if you don’t know its just a $30 poster, that is a priceless work of art. Saving up to buy a few of the great impressionist paintings that start in the $1500 range. Soon I’ll be a collector just like some of their celebrity clients who’s picture they have on the walls…. ”

“Can count on them! The best decision I ever made! Wide range of sophisticated frames and designs…great value for the dollar!”
—DM from Port Washington, NY